Sunday, September 28, 2014


Eric is a native New Yorker, who has spent most of his childhood in the Upper East Side, and has been with the Salisbury for 17 years. He now does primarily accounting (accounts receivable), working closely with our travel partners such as Expedia/, Gulliver's Travel, Virgin Holidays and Swanson's Travel.

He is an avid model train hobbyist and frequents on the best model train stores in New York: The Gotham Model Trains at 35th St. The Red Caboose is another great place to find model trains and it's located near Times Square at 45th St. New York City also has a not-to-miss Holiday Train Show from November through January at the beautiful New York Botanical Garden that features  extensive model train layouts in festive winter wonderland surroundings. 
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What do you think is the best thing about NYC?

"Central Park. It reminds me of Westchester suburbs where I was born. I like taking long bike rides there or just walking around, admiring nature. Central Park Zoo is also a fun place to visit. The 6.5 acre zoo features polar bears, sea lions, monkeys, a petting zoo and much more."

If you had just one day to explore the city, what would you do?

"I'd visit the Empire State Building's 102nd floor. It was not open when I was a kid and I never got to go there. Another thing I'd do would be to walk the Highline Park.The last stretch of High Line officially opened last Saturday. This final half-mile section finishes the 22-block walkway of abandoned stretch of elevated rails that's been turned into a beautiful park filled with flowers, grasses and trees. Worth the visit!

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  1. I remember this chap from years ago! He was very nice and helped our french speaking friends with city tour options. Glad to see he is still part of the Salisbury team!