Saturday, August 9, 2014


One of the best features of the Salisbury Hotel is its' proximity to the world's most filmed location: Central Park. These 843 acres of playground are basically our backyard! The park has everything you can imagine: restaurants, ice-skating rink, amusement park, green meadows, beautiful ponds, boat rentals, lush gardens, 36 bridges and arches, performance centers, more than 26 000 trees, playgrounds, zoo, pool, 58 miles of walking paths, educational facilities, places for picnics, concerts, baseball, lawn bowling and classical architecture. Best way to see the park is to rent a bike and explore it at your own pace. There's so much to see so we narrowed it down to few of our favorites. 

 Belvedere Castle's observation deck offers breathtaking views of the park and the New York City skyline. Since 1919 the castle has also been the location of the official Central Park weather station. It can be found mid-park at 79th Street, surrounded by some of the park's most beautiful attractions, like Delacorte Theater, Great Lawn, Turtle Pond and the Ramble.

 The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located on the east side of the park on 5th Ave between 80th and 84th streets. The museum's collection is so large that you could easily spend an entire day there. 

The Bow Bridge is the most photographed bridge in Central Park and has been captured in many big Hollywood movies. Find it mid-park at 74th St., just west of Bethesda Terrace.

The original carousel opened in 1871 and was powered by a mule and horse who walked in a hidden compartment underground below the attraction. The animals were trained to start and stop with a foot tap from the ride’s operator above ground. It is located mid-park at 64th Street. 


  1. Well if you are visiting the city of New York then Central Park is something which you cant afford to miss out watching offering you some of the amazing sculptress, museums, etc. also if staying is a no issue since one can find some of the best affordable budget hotels in the city.

  2. Nice blog my friend! New york is the most famous and a vibrant the tourist's visited city. Central park offers a visitors plenty of attractions like, bridge, museum and castle. They offer a plenty of natural attraction, scenic view, camping, recreational activities, delicious dinning etc...I have visited this park attraction before my boston to dc bus tours with my entire family.

  3. My favorurite place! We stayed at your hotel in spring and loved how close to the park you were.

  4. Very helpful! Arriving Friday evening and I will have this printed out. Thanks much!