Friday, January 17, 2014


George Throop is on a walk of inspiration. He lost his mother to cancer when she was almost 34 and he was just 9-years-old. In September of 2009, he began a multi-year Walk of Inspiration Across America promoting cancer prevention and healthy living.

George has walked thousands of miles, from his home in Washington State, to our nation’s capital: Washington, D.C. He completed his mission upon reaching D.C. on foot this summer. After walking countless miles along the shores of the Pacific, he felt compelled to journey onward–to the sands of the Atlantic, which he'll soon reach via Long Island, New York. 

Salisbury Hotel had the honor to host Mr. Throop for two nights in the effort to sponsor his cause.
Mr. Throop’s mission is spreading the word that preventing cancer is related to living a healthy lifestyle, with several studies saying one third of cancers are preventable with simple lifestyle changes such as proper diet and exercise.
Here are three of George’s BIG THINGS.
1. Watch the type of food you eat. Avoid eating foods with ingredients we can’t pronounce.  The more fruits and vegetables we eat, the better.
2. Exercise is a biggie. Get more of it.
3. Stress management.
To follow George's journey read his blog by clicking here and his Facebook page here.
Mr. Throop with some of our staff members

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